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Put tight muscles, sore joints, and inflammation in the past. Finally, there’s a non-prescription way to relieve pain like never before. Kope Pain Relief Gel was developed by an anesthesiologist/pain physician to provide easy, accessible relief whenever you need it. Our product is odorless, non-greasy, and does not stain clothing. With our fast-acting formula, you can be on your feet and on-the-go again, in no time.

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Dr. M McDaniel, MD

Fantastic product!! As a physician, I recently gave it to a patient to use after having pain from cancer surgery and the associated neuropathy from radiation and chemotherapy. Her oral pain medication was not helping with the topical pain that occurred when her clothes touched her skin. I was delighted to be able to provide her with the needed comfort after prescribing her Kope gel. This medication provides her now with the needed pain relief without impairing her ability to function. I look forward to offering this to other patients.

Austin N, PhD & RN

I had heard Dr. Le talk about this pain gel he was formulating for many months. He said that it would be better than any of the other pain gels or cremes out there....and he was absolutely right. I just purchased a bottle during the visit today and rubbed 3 layers of it on my left knee which had been giving me a bit of grief again today, and to my surprise I noticed that the pain had subsided within the time of my visit (was there for an injection for my carpal tunnel pain). I'm now gonna also try this gel on my other wrist and neck area to see how it works there as well. I'm excited to have this product on's almost like having a 'miracle drug'. I love being able to say 'good-bye' to my pain and get back to my life!

Lynelle, Personal Trainer

I am a very active individual and I have been a personal trainer for 26 years. Most of my free time is spent riding sport bikes around the city, canyons and track. I was experiencing knee and hand pain for the past few years and it was negatively affecting my ability at work and play. The Kope pain relief gel has made it possible for me to ride and work virtually pain free. I’m so grateful that this product has become available to me. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to continue a quality lifestyle without hesitating from the worry of “pain”.