Our Story

Hi, my name is Dr. Daniel Le, and I have been practicing the Science and Art of Pain Medicine for the last 20 years in California. I am double-boarded in Anesthesiology and in Pain Medicine, and I have a busy clinical practice.One of the treatment modalities that I found helpful for many of my patients was a gel that is applied to the skin. This is most helpful for patients with muscle and joint pain. Over the last 20 years, I have been prescribing a variety of gels, and have been trying to refine my choice. I have learned what ingredients are most helpful, and have listened to my patients talk about the things they liked and disliked about the available gels that I was prescribing. Eventually, I learned that some of my patients could not afford these prescription gels.

Using my knowledge of pharmacology, and the experience and data I collected from my patients, I have created a new pain gel that I think is extraordinary. It is available over the counter and is reasonably priced. It is pleasant to use, and most importantly, it is very effective. I sought out a high quality, FDA-certified company in the USA to manufacture my gel and distributed samples to my patients. They not only raved about it, but also told me that it worked better than other gels that I had previously prescribed for them. I fine-tuned the formula, and am now ready to bring this new topical pain gel to everyone who is suffering from pain in their muscles and joints.

Now, not only will my own patients benefit from this pain gel, but it will also be available to everyone in the United States. Kope Pain Gel is now an FDA-certified over-the-counter gel that can be purchased at select locations and on the web. I hope that you enjoy this product, and that it will allow you to return to an active and productive life.

Warm regards,


Daniel Le, M.D.